Currently, there are two ways to be a Pin-Up.

1) Models or aspiring models or actresses can apply to become the next Old 81 Pin-Up Gal.

  • If you have what it takes and the desire to be an Official Old 81 Pin-up then submit a short letter explaining all the reasons why we should pick YOU! Attach a few clean photos of yourself to your email.
  • Photos will need to be of you.  Don't worry about the quality of the photos but please take them with a camera (point and shoot is fine) and NOT a camera phone.  Take some head and shoulder shots without makeup.  Take some full body shots in the style of clothing that you would be wearing on the shoot.  i.e. if you plan on wearing a swim suit then wear a swim suit.
  • If you think you can do your own hair and makeup (Pin-Up era style) then take a few photos once you have done up your hair and have makeup on.  OTHERWISE, I have make up artists and hair stylists specifically for Pin-Ups!


  • Email your request and photos to [email protected]
  • You just may become the next Old 81 Pin-Up Gal!


2) Anyone wanting photos done in a Pin-Up style or specific era (even a more Modern Pin-Up look) can also have their shots done by Old 81 Studios.  A professional hair stylist and makeup artist will be an add-on for $40.


If you haven't already, then become an Official Facebook Fan for Old 81 Pin-Ups:


Want to be in a photo shoot that will give you that vintage look?  You have came to the right place. 


I will give you two (or more) outfit changes and shoot photos in studio or outside on location of your choice (within the greater Wichita metro area unless other arrangements have been made).  We have hair and make-up artists available to assist you for that vintage/retro look.


If you have props that you would like to include in your photo to make it yours then please bring it or if you can't bring it in studio then we will go to it... such as cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, boats, phones, fans, microphones, captain's wheel, skis, bicycles, baskets, or anything else period era to 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's or whatever era you would like (we just need to know in advance please).


You will have to bring your own era clothing, shoes, bows, flowers, hairpieces, etc. and that is good because you get to choose what you wear and how you wear it so it fits the style and look that YOU want and not some cheesy clothing that don't fit and are used in multiple shoots.  We want you to look your best and look unique in your photos.  Your style, your choice, your look, your photos! 

Looking for clothes and not sure what to wear?  Or if you have some other links or ideas then please share with the rest of us.  I don't get ANY type of kickbacks from any of these websites.   I don't really like the name of this site because we don't do trashy photos!  But this site has some nice clothing.   For a more modern look if that is what suits you.   Still more modern


We do have some small props and working on getting more small props all the time.