Pin-Up Photo Shoot Pricing & Information

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Do you want to be in a photo shoot that will give you that vintage look?  You have come to the right place.  Or maybe a more modern Rockabilly look?  You know the look you want.  Convey your desires to me and I'll deliver the photos that you want and love! 

Pin-Up Examples

Polka Dot Retro Vintage Pinup Wichita Kansas Ks Old 81 Pin-Up ClassicIMG_6383 copy


I will give you two (or more) outfit changes and shoot photos in studio or outside on location of your choice (within the greater Wichita metro area unless other arrangements have been made).  We have hair and make-up artists available to assist you for that vintage/retro look, complete with victory curls and whatever else suits your fancy.


If you have props that you would like to include in your photo to make it more unique to you then please bring those items with you or if you can't bring an item into our studio then we will go to it... such as cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, boats, etc.  Other props that you may have that have the vintage look are phones, fans, microphones, captain's wheel, skis, bicycles, baskets, or anything else period era to 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's or whatever era you would like (we just need to know in advance please).


You will have to bring your own era clothing, shoes, bows, flowers, hairpieces, etc. and that is good because you get to choose what you wear and how you wear it so it fits the style and look that YOU want and not some cheesy clothing that doesn't fit and are used for other people in multiple other photo shoots.  We want you to look your best and also unique in your photos.  Your style, your choice, your look, your photos!  If you (or the woman in the photo shoot) feel sexy and confident in the clothes you are wearing then you will look more sexy and confident in your photos.


Have you been looking for clothes and not sure what to wear?  Check out the links below for some ideas or order them directly if you want.  I do not get ANY type of kickbacks from any of the websites below.  If you have found some other links to websites or have other ideas then please share with the rest of us.

Warbird Retro Vintage Pinup Wichita Kansas Ks Old 81 Pin-Up Classic3244 001_8_12   I don't really like the name of this site because we don't do trashy photos!  But this site has some nice clothing.   For a more modern look if that is what suits you.   Still more modern and racy.


We do have some smaller props and working on getting more small to medium sized props all the time.  We do have a vintage microphone and stand.  We have a vintage fan.

Warbird Retro Vintage Pinup Wichita Kansas Ks Old 81 Pin-Up ClassicIMG_3189_cs6_fb_logo_full When to pay

Before the Shoot: A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due when you book the session appointment. 

The non-refundable deposit of $50 will be taken off the Session Fee as long as you don't cancel on the original appointment.  This deposit can be sent by paypal or by check to hold your appointment time and date.

At the photo shoot: Half of the Collection Price you have chosen.  If you would like to upgrade the collection then whatever you have already paid will be applied to the new collection price (minus the deposit(s) if you had cancelled or changed the appointment date/time).

After the photo shoot and proofing but before any ordering of your prints and products: The remainder of your balance.  This includes any post editing that went over the Collection limits or were special extra requests.

Reordering after the collection has been ordered:  Ask for your discount code and you may reorder at your leisure OR we can reorder whatever you choose.  Costs paid in advance.  Reorder service fee of $20 plus $10 shipping (shipping costs are only on reorders)

Pin-Up Collection One

  • Includes session fees
  • Up to two clothing changes
  • Up to two hours of shooting
  • 10 Gift Prints (prints that are smaller than 8x12")
  • Post Editing for up to 5 of your best photos*
  • Online Proofing
  • 10% off additional purchases***

Retail Value: $460

Client Cost: $296

Client Saves: $164

Pin-Up Collection Two

  • Includes session fees
  • Up to three clothing changes
  • Up to three hours of shooting
  • 15 Gift Prints
  • 16x20" or 16x24" Wall Print (wall prints are mounted to a backboard and lustre Coating is added to the front surface)
  • 11x14" Canvas Gallery Wrap (these are 1.5" thick)
  • Post Editing for up to 10 of your best photos*
  • Online Proofing
  • 20% off additional purchases***

Retail Value: $1003

Client Cost: $646

Client Saves: $357

Pin-Up Collection Three

  • Includes session fees
  • Up to four clothing and/or setting changes
  • Up to four hours of shooting
  • 20 Gift Prints
  • 20x24" or 20x30" Wall Print
  • 24x30" or 24x36" Canvas Gallery Wrap
  • Post Editing for up to 15 of your best photos*
  • Online Proofing plus a Proof Binder (up to 50 photos)
  • 40% off additional purchases***

Retail Value: $1515

Client Cost: $996

Client Saves: $519 plus the huge savings of 40% off any additional purchases!



*Additional Post Editing of your photos will be billed at $60 per hour.

*** Additional purchases must be for items from your custom photo session and gallery and are valid one year from invoice date.


A look at our "A La Carte" Pricing**

(aka price per item)

  • Wallets (set of 4) - $16
  • Gift Prints (prints that are 8x12" or smaller) - $36
  • Digital Files - $50 per photo (minimum print purchase to obtain digital files is $400)
  • All Digital Files - $400 (after a minimum print purchase of $400)
  • Export to Facebook - $20 (up to 50 photos and the Old 81 Logo will be in the lower right hand corner)


  • Reorder Fees - $20 plus a $10 Shipping Fee. (these only apply to reorders below $200)
  • Additional hour of shooting - $50/hour

Wall Prints

  • 11x14" - $66
  • 16x20" or 16x24" - $86
  • 20x24" or 20x30" - $106
  • 24x36" - $136 (e-Surface Color Paper Only)
  • 30x40" - $496 (e-Surface Color Paper Only)
  • 30x45" - $546 (e-Surface Color Paper Only)
  • 30x30" - $306 (e-Surface Color Paper Only)
  • Square and Wide Prints Available
  • Finishing & Mounting & Frames are Available

Showcase & Specialty Products

Standout Displays

Starting at $96

  • A Standout is a 1.5" thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a lightly textured black or smooth white trim around the edges.
  • Sizes 8" x 8" and larger




Canvas Gallery Wraps

Starting at $196

  • Images are printed on a premier art canvas substrate and professionally wrapped around 1.5" or 2.5" thick wooden stretcher frame.

  • This canvas gallery wrap arrives as a finished product ready to hang.
  • Sizes 10" x 10" and larger



Fine Art Prints

Starting at $126
  • Fine Art prints are printed on large format inkjet printers on Fine Art Paper. Fine Art paper is similar in look and feel to watercolor paper and is a great alternative to fiber-based printing.
  • This paper is more fragile than traditional photographic prints and must be handled with care.
  • Sizes 8" x 10" and larger




Acrylic Prints

Starting at $396

  • After the photo is printed directly to the 1/4" acrylic, a layer of opaque white ink is screen printed on the back to create a product that highlights the vibrant colors and fine details with the image.
  • Stainless standoffs for mounting are included with the product.
  • Sizes 16" x 16" and larger





Metal Prints

Starting at $396
  • Modern. Edgy. Beautiful. Brushed aluminum Metal Prints show off your photos in a unique way. A coat of opaque white ink is added to the metal surface and then the image is printed on top.
  • Printed on 1" deep brushed aluminum box and delivered ready to hang.
  • Sizes 16" x 16" and larger





Metal Murals

Starting at $456

  • Metal Murals are guaranteed to make a statement. Your image is split into a 2 by 2 grid of 11.7" brushed aluminum tiles. Each mural features silver snap rings and brackets for easy assembly and wall mounting.
  • Murals will hang approximately 1" off the wall.
  • Sizes 24" x 24" and larger





Wall Clings

Starting at $156
  • Life-size print that you can stick on the wall. Wall Clings adhere to practically any wall, and can be moved numerous times with no residue.
  • Image is printed on premium Photo-Tex material. Sticks to walls, doors, lockers, and more.
  • If possible, avoid extending the subject off the picture. In the 'Special Instructions' box provide directions on how much image to include in the final cutout.
  • Wall Clings can be ordered in size 18" x 12" up to 72" x 48".



Photo Books or Albums

Upon request and special order

Proof Binder



Finish & Mounting

Finishing and mounting your prints and products are extra.



**A La Carte Pricing is single and multiple items purchased instead of a collection.  Minimum Purchase of $150 still applies.  Metallic and True B/W papers may cost extra.  This list is not the complete product list.  To see the full range of products and get photo descriptions, place a photo in your cart and the item and price list will come up for that photo.  Some crop ratios may have to be changed.  Not all crops will have the resolution needed for the extremely large prints.  Extremely large prints will need to have a Styrene mount added to the back, this is a 2mm thick black plastic to keep the print sturdy and flat - otherwise it will be wavy.  A backing mount can be added to any print.  Lustre coatings may be added to any print.  Lustre coating is a protective coating that is on the front of your print.  This helps protect your prints from fingerprints and dust.