Marilyn Limited Edition Print Order Page


I have some of these prints left, ready to ship.  These are the Marilyn Limited Edition and once I'm out on that particular shot and size then they are gone.  This is the first and only print run for these.  No reorder.  That is what makes this such a special opportunity to be the proud owner of one.  Currently, there are two different shots and each shot has two tones or looks if you will.  These prints are numbered in series and also show how many of each size was printed (i.e. 1 of 3).  I have signed and stamped each print on the back with my initials and the official stamp of Old 81.  These prints have lustre coating on the front and a foam core on the back.  They are ready to frame or even pin up on the wall in your garage, hanger, or workshop (or wherever you would like to display it).

I'm currently working on this page and how to order through a shopping cart that can contain limited quantities (since I do not want someone to order more than what is available or even printed).

For now, contact me by email or by phone and let me know the complete image number and size that you want.  I will let you know what I have left of that print and I can send you a paypal invoice as well. 

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$100     8x12  These are all signed by Marilyn Levitt herself.  *ONLY 12 were printed in this size.  Three of each of the four images.  One signed print was given to the owner of the 1941 Vultee BT-13A for allowing us the fantastic opportunity to take these Pinup Photos on such a rare warbird.

$60       8x10  (not signed by Marilyn) *ONLY 12 printed

$30       5x7  (not signed by Marilyn) *ONLY 24 printed

$20       4x6  (not signed by Marilyn)  *ONLY 24 printed


All of these prints are stamped AUTHENTIC LIMITED EDITION with the Old 81 Studios Logo in the center of the circle.  All prints are sequenced on the back, year given, and image title and size written by hand and initialed by the photographer, JC Kirk.  They are UV coated (Lustre Coating) and single weight board backed which is a lightweight single ply foam board.  The above sizes of these four images will not be printed again.

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