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INFORMATION: These photos are the start to the Marilyn Limited Edition series of prints.

ORDER HERE: http:/​/​photos.​old81studios.​com/​marilyn_limited_order

DETAILS: I still have some of these prints, ready to ship from my studio to you. They are limited, so first come, first served. Let me know what size and of what print you would like. To order, follow the link above or email me.

ABOUT: Marilyn was simply amazing! She came well prepared (even with her own hairdresser) on short notice of WASI and fit the part exceptionally well. I didn't realize I was ready to shoot Pin-ups just yet but given her talent and look - it all fell together that night. So after the shoot, I'm giving her business cards and so forth and I ask her if she would like to be the 1st Old 81 Pin-up girl? She accepts and look at us now.

PLANES: The first one is a 1941 Vultee BT-13A built by Consolidated-Vultee in California. It was a Basic Trainer (BT) in World War II. It was built in November of 1941 and was delivered to the Army Air Corp (there was not yet any Air Force) on December 2, 1941, five days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The blue and yellow paint job shows that it was purchased on a pre-war contract since they stopped painting them in those colors after the war broke out. The nickname for the airplane is the "Vultee Vibrator" since the canopy really shakes when you spin the airplane. Any old WWII pilot will know what airplane you are talking about if you mention "Vibrator". The engine is a Pratt & Whitney R-985 of 450 horsepower. The 985 is cubic inches displacement which is about 16 liters.

The other is a 1937 Lockheed 10A Electra that is being restored.

THANK YOU: A lot of people's help made this happen. Thanks to WASI and the Newton Airport, Gerry and his plane, Derek and his son Brandon, Phil the "grip" (I mean Key GRIP and model entertainer), Jasmin the hairdresser and the Airport Security.

SO YOU WANT TO BE AN OLD 81 PIN-UP?: If you have what it takes and the desire to be an Official Old 81 Pin-up then submit a short letter explaining all the reasons why we should pick YOU! Attach a few clean photos of yourself to your email. You just may become the next Old 81 Pin-Up Gal!

Email your photos here.

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