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I took my camera down to Old Cowtown Museum when I took my kids down there for the second time in their life. They loved it, I loved it. The people were so nice and I can't believe that there are so many volunteers that donate their time, their passion, to help convey and preserve a part of history. Everyone was very polite, helpful, knowledgeable. The people were great! It kind of reminds you of how people were in those days. Experience it for yourself if you haven't been.

Some of these probably aren't very good, some needed more light or bigger flash to stop the action inside (dancing) so I would love to come back and get some more of the gunfights or posed stances for a good shot. When the sun sets a little earlier in the day and it gets a little cooler, we'll come back and get some really good shots.

If you like one in here, let me know and I'll get it into a post edit and see what we can come up with. Add a vintage look to it or something awesome. Otherwise, I will work on a few when I get a chance. I'll always send you the original (if you were in it) as a digital file if you want to put on your facebook page or the museum's page. Let me know.

Thanks for looking and signing in, it helps me gather contacts for certain groups and interests. If you don't want to receive email then let me know-it's not like I send out a whole lot anyway.

Enjoy and thank you!

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