These Artistic Prints are those that will have to be cropped or cut down from the original composition. Our artist will edit or select the best "crop" after your order is placed.

Only select photos will be offered inside this gallery. The Old 81 watermark logos will NOT print on your order.

To order a print that you like:

Either click on the photo you want to buy or if there are multiple photos you want to order then put a check mark in the circle that displays when moving your mouse over the photo. Once this is done, then click on the "buy" button or text. A screen will come up asking what size & quantity of print you would like. Either go to the shopping cart or continue shopping. Once in the shopping cart, you will have extra options (some are disabled depending on the print). Some of these options are the types of paper (if offered) you want the photo printed on, others are if you want to add any type of backing material such as having your photo mounted on a backboard, or in a frame (if offered). To do this, select "add" next to "frame and mount" beside the photo you are working with. In the screen that comes up, click on the drop down list and click to select the item.

Do not worry about the cropping since all of your orders will be sent to me for approval. This is where I will fine tune your order with the most care. I will crop all of the photos for you, to the highest standards and to the best appearance. I want your photos to look as I originally designed that composition when I took that shot. I want you feel that moment. I don't want you to feel that I cheated you out of that inspiring shot, that moment.

I welcome your comments and if anything is wrong with your order then contact me right away. It's your order and it should be right.

Thank you,

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