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The first batch is done. Most are in color. I want to finish processing the other photos I took and then convert some of them to black and white photos. I'm not sure if I will put them all in this folder or make a new folder.

IMAGES SHOULD BE DONE AND FINISHED UPLOADING BY OCTOBER 30TH. If I have your email address then I will send you an email with the link when this is completed. Thank you. If there are any special requests such as pretty much anything, such as taking lent off of clothing, changing the tone of the image, or anything else; then let me know.

The image prices for prints in this gallery are considerably reduced from the normal "gift print" selling price starting at $36. Prices in this gallery are starting at $10 and go up depending on the size you want. I offer up to size 8x12 for this gallery.

I do offer many other products besides image prints. Contact me by email or contact page if you have something else in mind.

If you are ordering prints I would strongly suggest that you add the Lustre Coating to your print as it will help protect your prints from UV light, fingerprints, and the like. You may add this and/or Linen Texture to your prints while in the shopping cart.

If you do not select a crop for your images then I will do this for you. There will be no watermarks or logos on your prints.

Shipping costs are reasonable and are reduced with the more products ordered. These shipping costs are set by my vendor and not me.

If you have any questions then the best way to reach me is by email or the contact page.


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