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These photos have just been uploaded and are "as is" and original unedited version. Some photos are dark and I can lighten them up a bit for you BEFORE you order (they are dark since I was not allowed to use a flash during the matches). IF you would like me to work on the photo, comment on it. I will then work on it in the order received. There are simply too many photos to correct them all. You may also email me with the photo number and what you are wanting done with it. YOU can crop yourself and the lab will and can adjust the photo professionally as well. Make sure to select "Color Correction" while the item is in your cart. Metallic photos turn out REALLY well and cost just a little more.

For tips and other information on how to order, see below and/or visit the "how to order" page.

This is my first event for the Kansas/Oklahoma Golden Gloves. I plan to attend more depending on how well I'm supported by you, the fighters and fans. When I took these shots, I took them for you. The lighting could have been better in the hall and I could NOT use a flash DURING the Fights but I worked with what I had, motion simply needs more light. I hope you find some you enjoy.

Email me with any questions.

Thank you.


You will see watermarks on the photos while you view this site, but there will NOT be watermarks on the front of any prints you order.

CROPPING: Default is centered. If you do not choose "Best Fit" prints then you may crop the photos as you wish. i.e. 8x10's are cropped from an 8x12 photo. If you do not like the centered crop, then you may slide the crop left or right. Do this in the checkout cart BEFORE you place your order.
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