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Click here if you are pre-paying for a scheduled event.


If you would like to order prints, click the BUY button while looking at the photo you like when in a Gallery on the Portfolio site. The "Best Fit" option does not crop any of the photo and the other photos sizes will let you crop the photo the way YOU want it! Default on cropping is centered. Currently there are 346 different types of products that can be ordered directly from the site through an easy checkout process.

I have a few affiliates and fulfillment centers working hard to give you great service with quick ship times and outstanding products such as standard prints (but nothing 'standard' about these prints ~ Kodak E-Surface Color, Metallic, or True Digital B&W paper), art type canvas wraps, coasters, wall clings, wall mounts, puzzles, calendars, clothing, desk stands, poster sized enlargements, and even getting your prints framed and ready to hang. Order with confidence - you choose how the image is cropped (some sizes need to be), if you want to convert to B&W or Sepia tone, add Lustre Coating or just leave as a Matte finish.

Prices are a little more for the specialty papers, but well worth that extra cost. It would be much easier to see the prices in the shopping cart (you can always clear your cart later" and for a dollar or two more have the specialty paper. Click on the photo you like and then "BUY" and the base prices will come up for the products you choose.

Now, 8x10's need special cropping and you can do all of this yourself. The site is fairly simple to use. "Best Fit" prints fit the whole photo frame as taken with my camera, which doesn't need cropping (but you can always crop them anyway).

Always go ahead and let my awesome print lab "color correct" the photo according to paper type- this is automatically selected and does not add to the cost!

If you would like me to do all of this cropping and ordering for you, I can. For an extra $5 per order (up to five photos), I will crop each photo specifically and to the exact size you want. This will ensure that you get the best possible print, using "best fit" prints or not. Every photo can be cropped to a certain extent without sacrificing quality and positioned for best frame for that print size. It's totally up to you.

Thank you for your interests and if you have any more questions then let me know. You have my email and you could also view some of our FAQs. You may also forward this to your friends who may be interested in these photos and prints. All of these photos (over 3,000) were taken by me and some even have a story behind them.

Remember, If you would like to order prints or view prices, click the ADD TO CART button while looking at the photo you like.

Standard Paper: Kodak E-Surface Color paper

Specialty Papers: Metallic, or True Digital B&W

Enjoy browsing the photos and/or adding to your collection,

JC Kirk
Old 81 Studios