Frequently Asked Questions/Tips



WATERMARKS: You will see watermarks on the photos while you view this site, but there will not be watermarks on the front of most any prints you order.  There are some prints that do have a smaller watermark/logo printed in the lower corner that match the color of the print style.  Senior wallets always come with small watermarks/logos. 

CROPPING: Default is centered. If you do not choose "Best Fit" prints then you may crop the photos as you wish. i.e. 8x10's are cropped from an 8x12 photo. If you do not like the centered crop, then you may slide the crop left or right. Do this in the checkout cart before you place your order.  Confirmation is required.

PRIVATE EVENT GALLERIES: These are private events. A password is required to enter. If you were at the event and need the password, please contact the event sponsor or host. If you would like your photo(s) unlocked for public viewing online then let me know.



How do I pay in advance (other than cash or check) for a scheduled event?  Can I pay online?

Yes.  Email me for an invoice via Paypal or I can take credit/debit card payments in person or over the phone.  Secured and Encrypted by Intuit GoPayment.

What are your prices for portrait photography?  and what other types of photography do you do?

You can find my prices under "Investments and Collections" drop down for the type of collection you are looking for.  Currently, I will do most any type of photography work. 

What are Gift Prints?

Gift Prints are any size prints smaller than an 8"x12"

Why are Gift Prints the same price even though they are different sizes?

Gift prints are different sizes to fit your needs.  They are all the same photo and the same creative talent and vision created that photo.  Different sizes are offered because you may have different needs, different sized frames, wall space, etc.  A good analogy for this would be: When you go to a store to buy a T-Shirt, are the shirts normally the same price?  Even if they are different sizes.  Now, the extra extra large sizes are usually a little more and so are the larger prints.  So think of it like that.  Same shirt, same price, different sizes to fit your needs.

Why are your prices so high for such a small print?

To sum this up in one sentence it would be that I provide Custom Photography for my Clients.

My prices are not set for the size or amount of paper used.  The prices I have currently are not low end prices, nor are they high end prices.   I try to price according to my expertise (maybe even a little lower).  Let's face it, most people can take a great image... every once in awhile.  A Professional Photographer can take some amazing images on a consistent basis and has developed his style from years of practice, experience and education, not to mention the thousands of dollars invested in equipment that has been added to over the years.  I am not being paid for just a photo or image.  I'm being paid for my creative vision, artistic style, and talent.  I create.  I am hired to create exceptional images of art for a client and each client has their own style that I include in their final products. 

I have no cookie cutter approach for every client.  Each client who I work with ends up with a different result, style, and theme but with one thing in common-My Creative Vision for your Custom Photography.

Many Photographers these days offer photos on CD that is included in the Collection price, why do you offer these as a premium?

I offer photos on CD/DVD as a premium because when you order prints or products from me then I have image control over the final product.  If I hand you all the digital images for close to nothing then 1) I lose commission (obviously) but most importantly... 2) I have no control over the final print products.  What that means is this: You get your digital images and have them printed at some local or internet print chain.  Those images are not calibrated with their printers.  So, when you get them back and they turn out off color like too green or magenta then first, you will not be happy.  Secondly, you might blame me for this.  Thirdly, when you show or some of your friends see the final prints they will ask in disgust, "Who was your photographer?"  When you tell them that I was the photographer then they see my artwork as looking bad and that reflects poorly on me.  The end result is that I don't get much more business from your friends because they don't want their prints or end products looking like that. 

When I have control over the final images and products, those products are exactly how I imagined and created them.  You will be so happy with those products.  Your friends and other people that see your photos will want to know who you hired to create such beautiful images.  That reflects highly upon me and my talent.  And that is how I am able to continue to provide excellent results and an ongoing productive business model.

Why should I choose Custom Photography for our family portraits?

I will ask you this, do you want many great images?  Or, do you want only a good image or two?

Custom Photography is more of a luxury than your entry level or chain experience.  It is not for everyone as it requires a level of commitment, investment of time and money, forethought and planning of the client themselves, and more time from the photographer as well.

The customized service level you are sure to experience will be amazing.  The knowledge that your final images are the result of someone caring about those moments so much that they take extra time and care in ensuring that the artwork you receive is good enough to stand by with their name on it.  That level of quality and commitment is not received in the chain level or department store studios.  Custom photography is based on being unique to you.  These unique creative and artistic images (whether they be in print, on canvas, on metal, or in digital) will surely be those that you will most likely cherish for a lifetime!

I want to use you for our family portraits and I really want this Custom Photography but I just can't afford your smallest portrait collection.  Do you have any smaller collections or packages maybe with less post processed files and gift prints?

I offer Mini Sessions.  Mini Sessions are usually an all day event for me at one designated place, usually out on location, such as a park.  Several families or clients are booked throughout the day at assigned times.  Clients are required to be ready to shoot at their assigned times since each client is booked for 30 minutes of shooting time. 

I really love your work, do you offer payment plans?

I will offer a payment plan to those really interested.  Of course, I will not order any prints or do any post processing work until the balance has been paid.  Minimum payment per month will not be less than $50.

Do you offer discounts? or TFP (Time for Prints)?

Currently, I don't offer TFP.  I will only do paid assignments. Sometimes, I will reach out on facebook or model sites asking models for their time on another assignment and/or an advertising assignment of my own. 

On occasions, I do offer discounts.  Especially when it is a new type of shoot for me and I want those images for advertising.  A model release will be needed in these situations.

The best way to get a discount is to refer new clients to me and have them tell me that you referred them to me.

Do you offer prints for charities, silent auctions, and other fund raising exhibitions/galleries?

Yes.  I enjoy doing this and would like to more.  Contact me and let's see what I can do to help you out.


I have been updating this page with more information.  Email me some more questions and I will post them here for others to see the reply for.