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I wanted to create a place where people could go to browse, search, view, and order some good photo prints for their home, office, business, restaurant, or any other place that a person would place a piece of art.


I started taking photos more seriously in 2002 when my daughter was born.  I got a little more serious with video and photos in 2005. Soon after, I purchased my first Digital SLR camera and after some consideration I bought Canon.  I have been very happy with Canon and the results.


I am learning more every time I go out and shoot.  I have learned on my own and probably take more pictures than a Pro would to get the shot wanted.  I have always been able to frame the shot very well but needed help and simply by changing settings until I achieved the result I wanted and was looking for.  In the digital age, it does not cost extra to take more shots; it just takes more time.


I have bought a few (many actually-you should see my collection) books here and there and have started reading some so I need to take some time to sit down and finish them.  It is hard for me to sit down except for working at the computer or driving a car.


These photos that you see on my site are all mine.  I took every one of them.  The only exception to that rule is in my personal and private collection (which only close friends and family can see) there may be a few that I gave my camera to someone else and asked them to take a few shots with me on the other side of the lens.


I have many dreams and paths to take in this exciting hobby of mine.  I will get more into the portraiture side of Photography soon.  UPDATE:


Yes, I do Cinematography as well but finding the time to edit is hard to do right now.  I do ask some friends to help from time to time at events and such.  I plan to start collecting more footage at special events and also get the video side of this site up and running.


In less than 6 months, I have posted over 3,000 photos online and into galleries for you to search and view and purchase if you choose.  I hope to be able to increase my experience, equipment, and knowledge from the money that I make from selling these photo prints to you.  But what would make me the happiest would be to walk into a room and see one or more of my pictures nicely framed and hanging on the wall for everyone to see.  I may have to travel the world to see that over and over since I have many many wonderful fans from all over the world.


I hope to continue to give you the pictures, photos, videos that you enjoy viewing.  Please leave your comments and tell me which ones touch your heart and why?  You don't have to leave your name but I would be grateful to know.


Enjoy browsing the photos and/or adding to your collection,

JC Kirk
Old 81 Studios


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