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I have a friend overseas (actually, many friends) who have been there protecting, fighting, and saving. I wanted to do a little something for them, lift their spirits, give them something else to think about, remind them of home, remind them of America and remind them that WE THE PEOPLE are thinking of them. So I'm sending them some pin-up photos in a classy and classic 1940's vintage era style and feel. I hope these men and women enjoy these photos as much as I do.

Pin-Ups for the troops is really an American Tradition and I wanted to keep that tradition and feel ALIVE.

This is my first BOMBSHELL 2013: FOR THE TROOPS series and I think it's a real special one. I've wrote out some specs and notes below and truly believe that these brave men and women will enjoy and appreciate my work as we appreciate them serving our country.

This set is of 3 ladies, 2 photos each, plus one Dogtag photo. 44 of each pinup plus 40 of the Dogtags.

Today (April 19th, 2013) 304 will be sent to American Troops overseas. They were printed in wallet size that are approximately 3.25" by 2.25". Die-cut and rounded corners.

Each were hand stamped with the "Active Duty Special Edition" watermark with the logo in the center. Each one is unique because of the hand stamp, the die-cut position, and some have a white offset border which will be unique to each photo.

Printed on Fujicolor’s Crystal Archive Professional Paper Super Type PD. The standard longevity is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage. Lustre Coating added a rich sheen to these prints and protects against fingerprints and UV exposure.

These will surely be a keepsake for those who served and also a collector's piece for them to bring home and cherish.


JC Kirk

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