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Here are some Before Processing and After Post Processing. Basically, this is what I can do in studio.

I have been focusing on how I take the photograph and now I have been improving upon my editing and processing skills.

I think it shows in these photos.

IMG_9744-Before_After_fb_logoCowtown Compare 2011 fbIMG_1943_before_after_MG_0651 Compare 1_MG_0651 Compare 2_MG_0651 Compare 3_MG_4825 Compare3_2009 045 Compare 13_2009 045 Compare 23_2009 104 Compare07252007 361 Compare 107252007 361 Compare 207252007 361 Compare 309232008 096 CompareIMG_0086 CompareIMG_2678 CompareIMG_2938 CompareIMG_3069 CompareIMG_9657 Compare 1IMG_9657 Compare 2

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